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Pacific Attorney Group is basically a law firm that operates under the direction of the well known Attorney Payam Shayani, and represents victims of injuries as well as worker’s accidents throughout the greater California. When one or their closed ones are injured or loses life due to of another individual’s wrongful conduct, the attorneys help take action to rebuild life on seeking justice and money required for medical care and more. Pacific Attorney Group has a vast experience of handling injury cases. They represent clients throughout the State and possess the ability to make each and every necessary arrangement for you.

Help With Motorcycle Accident Victims and Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents fall among the specialties. Truck accidents are commonly taken for granted to be car accidents, but they in reality have outcomes way more severe than typical crashes. Trucks include heavyweight class of vehicles and that can result in astronomical damages to vehicles, buildings and so on. Truck drivers may be held as accountable for accidents for several reasons.  The Pacific attorney takes a look at the incidents surrounding an accident to determine who is at fault and up to which extent. Motorcycle accidents are among those gruesome accidents. Individuals in such accidents happen to end up with brain damage, paralysis or any other lifelong conditions. Motorcycle accidents can be more simply one individual’s fault, and the legal heads can establish a right for collecting compensations. Individuals can even receive compensation even if they believe that they had a small role in an accident. Pacific attorney permits victims to collect their settlements when they’re half responsible.

The Attorney Group and Solving Car accidents:
When it comes to understanding car accidents, one won’t need a crystal ball for understanding the basics: accidents mostly occur if one or more drivers are negligent in some way or the other. He/she has operated the vehicle in ways which generally obliterate what has been going on outside the interiors of a car. The reasons that divert the driver’s attention and result in accidents are that he/she is texting or a fascinating phone conversation or even a backseat filled with kids. The legal help is needed to help figure whether a settlement is fair or adequate, but they won’t make deals until they have appropriately explained the factors and facts.

How they Group deals with any kind o f car accidents and their outcomes:
The kind of cases that the group settles on behalf of clients includes:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • neck, head and spinal injuries
  • organ damage and internal bleeding
  • nerve damage or paralysis

To ensure that you, the clients are well informed about their case, the car Accident FAQ page is maintained that clients claim to be “invaluable.” This FAQ is all about all the frequently asked questions regarding car accident claims, initial consultations, what is to be expected from the legal team. One won’t even have to pay for the initial consult as it is free.

Wrapping up:
Only if you believe that they deserve the best, then you ought to make your choice evident. Furthermore, your experience with any accident-related case is totally unprecedented. If you do not think that an you have a case, they are not going to lie and say you do have a case! When one is in need of someone during the worst situations they have experienced—either due to death or due to injuries resulted from any kind of traffic accident trusting the case to any car accident attorney, in reality, makes no sense. All one simply needs to do is make a phone call to reach the office. The staff is always ready to help you with the very next step.


Get maximum compensation with the aid of car accident lawyer

Car accidents are a common phenomenon on the roads of Los Angeles. It is very often that due to the negligence of one or more drivers, a rule abiding careful driver faces an accident resulting in severe injuries and car damage. Even if one follows the traffic rules properly it is, at times, difficult to avoid a car accident. The presence of excessive vehicles on the road and the negligence of the person in control of the vehicle often lead to accidents causing major damage.

Getting the compensation money

However, minor the accident might seem to be, it can have very serious consequences including breaking of bones, brain damage, paralysis and even death. You need money to pay the medical bills and also to repair the damages in the car. But the most difficult part is to get the compensation for the damages caused. The insurance companies are always reluctant to pay the compensation because they are, after all, profit organizations. What you need is a legal aid to claim compensation on the grounds of your right to legal compensation. If you or any of your dear ones has been injured in a car crash, you must consult a car accident lawyer who will legally safeguard your right to compensation and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

The maximum compensation

It is very often that even if the insurance company pays you the compensation, it tends to pay you as little as possible. Without proper aid from a lawyer it is next to impossible to get the compensation you deserve. It is the responsibility of the insurance company for all the damages incurred due to a car accident. It includes the lost income as a result of you missing the work due to injuries and all the medical expenses incurred if you were admitted to a hospital or otherwise. With the assistance of a lawyer you can get the maximum amount of compensation. The lawyer will strive to get the injured and her family the compensation money they deserve on legal grounds.

How much compensation do you get?

The exact amount of compensation you receive depends on various factors including:

  • The type of the insurance policy
  • The amount or size of the policy
  • Whether the motorist is insured or insured

These policies are properly scrutinized by the attorney who, thereafter, claims the amount of compensation money you deserve legally. This claim is made by highlighting two aspects in particular. First, the injuries you sustained and second, the level of damage to your property.

What will the lawyer actually do?

The car accident lawyer will look into the situation that caused the accident. He or she will seek to find out who was at fault and what caused the accident, i.e. whether it is a case of not following the rules or due to distractions caused due to texting or talking over phone while driving. In any case the person at fault will be charged for negligence. In case of severe damage and loss of life, punitive measures will also be taken which includes the punishment of the person at fault.

Accidents can happen to anyone anytime. The best way to avoid accidents is by following the traffic rules and by driving carefully. Even then, if accident happens, you need to claim the compensation you deserve on the grounds personal injury law. The steps are quite easy. You can request a car accident lawyer online for consultation. The rest of the legal procedure will be taken care of by the lawyer who is at your service to get you the compensation you deserve.


Get the Compensation you deserve with Car Accident Attorneys

A car accident almost always affects more lives than one. Sometimes car accidents are caused by natural causes or mechanical failures and in such cases no one person or party can be blamed. However sometimes the accident might be caused due to a direct action or direct negligence committed by the driver.

Situations for claiming compensation

The driver might have been driving under the influence of a substance or he or she might be too sleepy and should not have been driving or maybe they were distracted and took their eyes off the road. These are all situations where you might have become a victim of the mistakes of the driver. In such a case you deserve to be compensated for your physical and mental injuries as well as your economic losses. In such a situation the best way to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve is to hire a car accident attorney. You can visit one of the websites which are easily available and check here in order to find the attorney which will suit your needs the best.

Reasons for hiring an attorney

Legal matters and proceedings can be complicated and be drawn out for very long periods. The insurance company of the guilty or responsible driver is obligated by the law to pay for your damages. But no insurance company likes to part with its money. In such cases the company might try to back out on a loophole, trick or dupe you out of your money by trying to prove your case wrong, etc. Even when an insurance company admits the fault of its client the company will always try to pay you much less damages than you should be paid. They will try to make you take a smaller amount of money than you should be getting. In such situations it is important and necessary to go to the proper website, check here and hire a good car accident attorney. Only the attorney can ensure that you get the amount you are obliged to get according to the law.

Economic damages you can claim

There is no fixed sum of compensation which you can be sure of getting since each car accident is different and unique. The amount you receive depends on different factors like the amount of damage done to your property, the extant and amount of your injuries, the insurance policies of you and the guilty party, etc. Economic damages include the money that you should be paid because you were injured. Your medical bills and future treatment expenses should be paid by the insurance company along with the amount of money you have lost due to being unable to go to work or the money you will lose because you cannot go to work.


The different ways in which your life has been affected due to the accident all matter and you should not have to suffer more due to the cunning legal tricks of the insurance company. Hire a good attorney and watch the entire process be conducted smoothly and with ease.


Get compensated for your loss, today!

Have you recently been victimized due to a car accident? Has it caused non recoverable harm to you and your family? Has your quality of life been affected? If any one of the above is true, then now is the time when you should hire a crash attorney.

How severe is the case?

According to latest reports, in the United States alone 1.3 million people die each year due to car accidents. On an average almost 3,287 deaths per day. As frightening as the number sounds, the actual reality is much crueler. Almost 60% of these cases go unnoticed. The driving reason behind this fact, the families of the victim don’t take immediate action. Immediate action is always needed so that you can get compensation for someone else’s fault.

About Car Crash Attorney

A crash attorney is a person who represents your case in front of a judge, in a court of law. It is not possible to get the amount that you deserve for being victimized, as you are not aware of the twists and turns of law. In situations like these, you need a crash attorney to help you in getting the claimed amount. A crash attorney is an experienced professional who will guide through all the steps while claiming the amount. A crash attorney is the one person that will understand your problem and guarantee you the amount that you deserve.

How did the accident happen?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basic fact that the accident was caused due to the negligence of the driver. In a perfect world, all the lessons that are learned by the driver at the Driver School stays with them for their lifetime, but in real life where the world is beyond perfect, responsibility always take a backseat to distraction. In 90% of the cases, the fault is of the driver. Maybe he/she was busy texting someone or they were too distracted with the crying kid on the backseat. The situation doesn’t matter, if you are a victim you deserve to be compensated. The compensation amount is left to the judge to decide and will include everything all charges for you and your family’s treatment. To sum up, it can be aptly said that traffic accidents result from obvious infractions which violate the California Vehicle Code, a list of factors that every driver should keep in mind. Below is a list of the driving reasons behind car crashes-

  • Driving in excess of the speed limit is one of the main factors behind car accidents
  • Not noticing traffic signals, signs and other statutory notices introduced on behalf of drivers as well as pedestrians.
  • Forgetting to use driver signals, to let the next driver know of the cars direction
  • Ignoring the fact, that California Vehicle Code prohibits the operation of a hand-held phone while driving an automobile.
  • Driving under the influence of liquor or other common addictions.


If you or any of your close friends have been victimized because of a car accident, it is high time that you get compensated by contacting a crashattorney today!


Importance of having the Right Attorney to file your Claims

A car accident can be one of the single most traumatic experiences in one’s life. One needs to be as composed as possible during such a stressful phase in life. There are various complications like injuries, medical bills, wrecked car, attending your job, legal pressure from the other party involved in the crash etc. All these pressure can be overwhelming and hence legal help is highly appreciated. Car crash attorneys play a very important role in the deals regarding compensating the claims and the physical and mental injuries inflicted. The car crash attorneys can be highly handy while filing the lawsuits and checking on the compensation claims. There are various crash attorneys available around you. However, you need experienced ones who can guide you through all the legal hazards. The Bakersfield Car Accident Attorneys from the Pacific Attorney group are highly experienced and hence adept with their work. Simply visit their website and this website will allow you to hire the attorney you need.

Do not settle for anything but the best

Just like there are several doctors and mechanics around you, there are several crash attorneys as well. However, not everyone is experienced in handling various types of legal procedures. So, average lawyers will not be able to deal with complex legal files. However, Bakersfield Car Accident Attorneys are familiar with all the judges and are familiar with the temperament of these legal authorities. Hence they are adept in filing a specific case while putting emphasis on the strong points of their clients so as to present a firm case in front of the authorities and this website will allow you to get the best.

Why should you hire an experienced attorney?

Experienced car crash attorneys from the Pacific Attorney Group make sure that not only your medical bills are met, but also the insurance company make up for the period of lost work. There are other benefits while having accident attorneys.

  • They are familiar with how the insurance firms defend themselves while refusing to pay the deserved amount to their clients. So the experienced attorneys will prevent the car insurance companies to uproot the claims of the accident.
  • Lawyers have experience in the courtroom and hence will provide confidence to you while the trail is on.

Specialization of our attorneys

A car accident attorney is basically your personal injury lawyer during an accident. They are adept at handling different types of automotive accidents like

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Roll-Over accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • T-bone accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Private vehicle accidents


The primary role of the attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group is to ensure that our clients are represented with their legal rights in the courtroom and in front of insurance companies. They have the experiences to deal with various kinds of accidents like rear end accidents and T-bone accidents. We deal with a wide range of claim and provide our best to ensure that our clients are satisfied. These attorneys are experienced to handle all types of complex claims including drunk driving and usage of cellphones while driving.


Get Proper Compensation with good Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents can be very traumatic both physically and mentally. They might not leave visible scars always but the effects of being in an accident can always be felt by those you have to suffer the consequences. The effects might be small or big. You might suffer from trauma, severe injuries or minor ones. But the harm is always done. Sometimes car accidents are not the fault of any one person and no one in particular is to blame. In such cases you can do nothing except accept the events that have happened and move on. However sometimes the car accident might have been caused due to the mistakes or negligence of a particular individual. If you have been hurt due to a car accident that was caused due to someone’s mistakes then you deserve to get the proper compensation for this. There are plenty of great car accident attorneys available who will help you in this process. All you have to do is visit this link and you can find the best attorneys to suit your needs.

When do you need a car accident attorney?

It is important to understand when and why you need a car accident attorney. According to the law if you have been hurt in a car accident then the liable party who has caused hurt to you must compensate you for the damages caused to you. This compensation is supposed to be paid by the insurance company of the driver. However insurance companies do not always want to pay money even when their client is at fault. They will try to prove that your case and claims are false in court. In such situations you need a good car accident attorney to ensure that you are not wrongly duped out of what is your right.

Different types of accident attorneys

There are different types of accident attorneys that can help you in different cases or situations. You might have been a pedestrian, a bicyclist or riding your own vehicle when you were injured in an accident. In all these cases an accident attorney can help you get justice. You can get compensation and attorneys for different types of accidents as well such as truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, T-bone and rear-end accidents, commercial vehicle accidents and roll-over accidents. You can easily find attorneys for any and every such situation if you visit this link.

Different types of damages you can get

There are two basic types of damages you can claim. You can claim economic damages and non-economic damages. The economic compensation can cover future and present medical costs, loss of wages as well as future earning potential, rehabilitation costs, etc. The non-economic damages include mental stress, emotional problems, pain, depression, PTSD, etc. You can get compensation for all of these and many other things.


It is hence clear that you can and should claim compensation for any stress and distress that has been caused to you because of a vehicular accident. The right car accident attorney will help you in achieving just that.


Save a Lot of Money with your own Car Crash Attorney

A car accident is a very traumatic event for the car owner. The situation can be confusing for all the various parties involved. The situation grows even more intense when there are serious injuries involved. Whoever may be responsible for the crash, be it a drunken motorcycle bumping into your car or a jaywalker or the negligence of your driver, the owner will be troubled with a lot of legal procedures. Car crash attorneys are adept at handling the various logistics following a car crash. Crash attorneys can guide you and help you read more through the ocean of paperwork from the insurance and court. The best course of action for the owner is to hire an experienced attorney prior to the car crash. These attorneys can then guide them on how to tackle the insurance providers and legal authorities.

Why should you consider a car crash attorney?

A car crash attorney can be of great help in terms of setting the legal papers post-crash.

  • They help to deal with the insurance companies. People are delusional of the fact that an insurance company works with the best interest of their clients in mind. The real story however is somewhat different. An insurance company is out there to make money. Sometimes, that can even be at the expense of their clients.
  • They can help you defend against experienced attorneys appointed by the other party involved in the crash. Be it your fault or not, these attorneys will try to pin down the case on you and hence you need a better and more experienced attorney to shield you from this.

How do you come to terms of the crash?

All types of crash lead to various kinds of legal procedures. Hence an experienced mind will be able to guide you in the compensation of your ride via legal grounds. They can also judge the situation of the crash by checking the papers, will be able to read more into the situation and hence advice you on the specifications of the matter. They can also guide you in matters where you can claim cash rewards or even file lawsuits.

Managing and handling the auto accident trials

Most of the people are not familiar with the courtroom environment and its procedures. So people are not prepared to handle the legal procedures and act accordingly. Our legal attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group will take care of all your legal needs and guide you through all the necessary paperwork post-crash. A car crash attorney will make you prepared for the courtroom trails and also prepare your mind in a manner on how to tackle the other attorneys lashing at you.


When the lawsuit reaches the court, the attorney will be the only point of contact for you with the legal system. So, they will carry your claim and present them in front of the legal representatives. More importantly, the victims of severe car crashes need to focus on their recovery rather than facing the legal system. Hence, a car crash attorney is the buffer between you and the legal authorities while working in your favor.


Claim compensation for personal injuries in road accidents

Even if you are quite careful while driving and always try to be safe by following traffic rules, accidents are not unavoidable. Sometimes the weather conditions can lead to accidents. Another common cause of road-accidents are the mistakes made by other drivers. The court can charge a driver for neglect if he or she is found guilty. If this is your case, that is if neglect by other driver/s played a part in the accident, the case can be qualified for claiming compensation. It is needless to think that the insurance company will hand you over the money as compensation after an accident unless you make a legal claim. So, it is better to consult a lawyer after a road accident who can make the claim for compensation in a legal way and protect your right to compensation.

The Pacific Attorney Group

The Pacific Attorney Group is known for protecting the rights of the injured in a road accident. They represent the injured victims in an accident and their families in the court and help you get the compensation money. They specifically deal with personal injury law and cases related to road accidents. Therefore, they can devote the amount of time and energy needed in each case to protect the legal rights of the injured victims.

Making a wide a range of injury claims

This group of attorney deal with personal injury law particularly and thus include a wide range of personal injuries. These include:

  • Any kind of road accident truck accidents and motorcycle accidents
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Any accident causing catastrophic injuries including brain injury
  • Workers’ compensation (when an accident occurs in the factory while working)
  • Medical malpractice and birth injury

Truck accident injuries

Although truck accidents are still considered as car accidents, the damages caused to people and buildings are much more severe than a general car crash. The truck drivers can be held responsible for a variety of reasons. Generally, people tend to blame the truck driver for drunk driving but the most important reason behind truck drivers getting into accidents is their tendency to drive for longer hours than he should. One should not drive for more than 15 hours at a stretch. The attorney seeks to find out who was at fault by looking into the facts and the situation and try to safeguard the rights of the injured.

Initial consultation – absolutely free of cost

The attorneys of the Pacific Attorney Group are devoted to the practice of personal injury and car accident cases with a collective experience of forty years. They claim that you can pay only after you have won the case and successfully received your compensation. Moreover, there is no remuneration charged for the initial consultation. You can simply request a free consultation online and explain your case.

Since it is quite difficult to get the compensation money from any insurance company, you need to seek legal help. This attorney group dedicated to safeguard your right to personal injury compensation will help you get the compensation money with which you can pay the medical bills for broken bones or other injuries caused in the accident.