Claim compensation for personal injuries in road accidents

Even if you are quite careful while driving and always try to be safe by following traffic rules, accidents are not unavoidable. Sometimes the weather conditions can lead to accidents. Another common cause of road-accidents are the mistakes made by other drivers. The court can charge a driver for neglect if he or she is found guilty. If this is your case, that is if neglect by other driver/s played a part in the accident, the case can be qualified for claiming compensation. It is needless to think that the insurance company will hand you over the money as compensation after an accident unless you make a legal claim. So, it is better to consult a lawyer after a road accident who can make the claim for compensation in a legal way and protect your right to compensation.

The Pacific Attorney Group

The Pacific Attorney Group is known for protecting the rights of the injured in a road accident. They represent the injured victims in an accident and their families in the court and help you get the compensation money. They specifically deal with personal injury law and cases related to road accidents. Therefore, they can devote the amount of time and energy needed in each case to protect the legal rights of the injured victims.

Making a wide a range of injury claims

This group of attorney deal with personal injury law particularly and thus include a wide range of personal injuries. These include:

  • Any kind of road accident truck accidents and motorcycle accidents
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Any accident causing catastrophic injuries including brain injury
  • Workers’ compensation (when an accident occurs in the factory while working)
  • Medical malpractice and birth injury

Truck accident injuries

Although truck accidents are still considered as car accidents, the damages caused to people and buildings are much more severe than a general car crash. The truck drivers can be held responsible for a variety of reasons. Generally, people tend to blame the truck driver for drunk driving but the most important reason behind truck drivers getting into accidents is their tendency to drive for longer hours than he should. One should not drive for more than 15 hours at a stretch. The attorney seeks to find out who was at fault by looking into the facts and the situation and try to safeguard the rights of the injured.

Initial consultation – absolutely free of cost

The attorneys of the Pacific Attorney Group are devoted to the practice of personal injury and car accident cases with a collective experience of forty years. They claim that you can pay only after you have won the case and successfully received your compensation. Moreover, there is no remuneration charged for the initial consultation. You can simply request a free consultation online and explain your case.

Since it is quite difficult to get the compensation money from any insurance company, you need to seek legal help. This attorney group dedicated to safeguard your right to personal injury compensation will help you get the compensation money with which you can pay the medical bills for broken bones or other injuries caused in the accident.


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